Earth's Changing Climate

Presentations from Pat and Ellen

The Green Ninja

California's Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)

Standards-Based Lesson Template  (Word doc)

California Science Standards

Link to Climate Change podcasts  (in progress)

Resources recommended by workshop participants



What Do Concentrations Mean?   - Original   (This is an example of an activity from Project LEARN - see link below under "Curricular Stuff")
    Word doc used in the workshop

Sunspots and Climate - Teacher's Guide (PDF)  (This is an example of an activity from the Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide see link below under "Curricular Stuff")

Carbon cycle lessons from the California Academy of Sciences  (we did the Carbon Cycle Role Play)  Student sheet

Climate Hotspots with Google Earth 
Teacher and student guide and investigation sheet from Lehigh University      climatehotspots.kmz

Modeling Deep Ocean Circulation  (Word doc of version we did in the workshop)
    NOAA version with more about ocean salinity

Ecological footprint calculators


Web sites - General

CLEAN: Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network

Climate Literacy - The Essential Principles of Climate Science

NASA Global Climate Change
    Tips n' Tricks for Teachers  (PDF)

NASA Earth Science for Teachers (NEST)

Earth's Albedo and Global Warming - Interactive from Teacher's Domain

NASA's Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Science For Teachers (NEST)

          NASA Global Climate Change Education - includes catalog of teaching resources

Web sites - Impacts of Climate Change

       1. Global
 Global Warming Effects - interactive map from National Geographic
       2. Impacts in California  
CA Climate Change Portal
               Dept. of Water Resources: Climate Change 101


Curricular Stuff

Facing the Future -  free downloads of units that address climate change/sustainability

    Climate Change: Connections and Solutions  (grades 6-8).  Source of the global mall and carbno footprint lessons presented at the workshop

NASA's Earth Math

Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Lessons appropriate for grades 5–9; adaptable to other grades.

Project LEARN—Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Lessons appropriate for grades 6–9; adaptable to other grades.

Windows to the Universe: Lesson plans and activities for the classroom; Beginner (grades K–5), intermediate (grades 6–9) and advanced (grades 9–12) levels).

            Especially recommended:
                Climate Resources
                Our Changing Planet - brief videos with accompanying activities

Facing the Future: Scroll down to "Climate Change: Connections and Solutions" (middle and high school versions) (near bottom of long page).

Climate Status Investigations from the Keystone Center. Lessons for middle and high school.