Human Impacts on Biodiversity

February 11, 2012


From Lynne Trulio
From John Hendricks


Mass Extinctions

           NY Times Lesson Plan: Mass Extinction: Will It Happen Again?

                Modified version presented at workshop with evidence table
                Summaries about the "Big Five" mass extinctions - used in jigsaw activity
                    From the BBC
                    From the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Interactive from the Discovery Channel
Nova Science Now: short video and interactive about the end Permian Mass Extinction
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology interactive time line
BBC Big Five Extinction Events

Investigating  Climate Hotspots with Google Earth

Teacher's Guide, Student Handout, and Student Investigation Sheet from Lehigh University
Google Earth file: Climate Hotspots.kmz

Biological Diversity: How It  Stops Disease from Spreading (simulation with cards representing different species of trees in a a forest) 


Other Resources

        Ecological Footprint Calculator from Global Footprint Network

        National Geographic Global Warming Effects Map

        NASA Global Climate Change

        Recommended by workshop participants