California Education and the Environment Initiative

California Education and the Environment Initiative is free, state-sponsored K-12 curriculum that teaches science and history-social science standards through an environmental lens.

Facing the Future: Global Sustainability Curriculum

K-12 standards-aligned curriculum on global sustainability.

Facing the Future: Global Sustainability Curriculum

Cal-Adapt: California Climate Change Tools

Cal-Adapt has been designed to provide access the wealth of data and information that has been, and continues to be, produced by the State’s scientific and research community.  The data available in this site offer a view of how climate change might affect California at the local level. Here you can work with visualization tools, access data, and participate in community sharing to contribute your own knowledge.

Recent Earthquakes: Teachable Moments

IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) offers this wonderful resource on earthquake education. When a major earthquake occurs, IRIS uploads a PowerPoint and a PDF with photos, maps, and explanations about the tectonic setting and the earthquake itself. Connect your lesson to the broader world using these presentations! Also available en Español.

IRIS Recent Earthquakes: Teachable Moments

Exploring Earth: An Interactive High School Textbook

Learn about the many Earth systems in this interactive, web-based textbook. Chapters include matter, dynamic systems like volcanoes and plate tectonics, hydrosphere, atmosphere, the local space system, and Earth history.

Exploring Earth