Sustainability Education Resources

Sustainability Education Resources

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CLEAN: Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network
Understanding Climate Change
A People's Curriculum for the Earth
Extreme Weather and what to do about it
Green Teacher magazine
Project Learning Tree Environmental Education Guide
UN Sustainable Development Goals
The EverGreen Twins Activity Book
The Story of Stuff
Pika Models + Climate Change Lesson Plan

Pika Models + Climate Change Lesson Plan

BAESI’s new “Pika Models + Climate Change” lesson plans are adapted from the 2016 Science Framework for California Public Schools (pp. 839-841). Students explore the life of pikas, tiny mammals that live in alpine areas, and how they are being impacted by climate change. After a brief introduction which includes a reading, short video, and story which includes a mathematical model, students engage in a kinesthetic simulation to gain first-hand experience of life as a pika, and how the animals can be impacted by shrinking habitat. Students then create line graphs with data from the simulation and analyze it.

Part II of the lesson allows students to create their own model to teach others about pikas and their connections to their ecosystem, and/or how the pika or another organism is being impacted by climate change and/or other human activities. Numerous adaptations/extensions are listed at the end of the lesson, including ways to explore additional data from online computer simulations and how they can incorporate current and projected climatic data into their models.

There are two versions of the lesson that are both highly adaptable to meet the needs of all learners:

Both versions of the lesson are aligned to NGSS & Common Core State Standards, as well as California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts. They can be easily adapted for other grades and non-formal education settings, as well. We hope you and your students enjoy the simulations and other activities and we’d love to hear your feedback about it!

Pika gathering plants to make hay

Are We Related? An Evolution Memory Game

In this activity, students explore incidents of homology in nature and analyze similarities and differences in body structures of animals.

Are We Related? Lesson plan (.PDF)
Are We Related? Student worksheet (.PDF)
Birds and T-rex: Evidence (.PDF)
Sharks and Rays: Evidence (.PDF)
Whales and Wolves: Evidence (.PDF)
Lobsters and Insects: Evidence