Examining Mass Extinctions on Earth

In this activity, students read several articles on specific ages of the Earth and the mass extinction events which concluded them. The articles discuss the time period, types of life present, and the causes and consequences of the mass extinction event. Students then...

This excellent resource features famous fossils, a photo gallery, North American state and time maps, career information, K-12 teacher resources, interviews, curriculum, lectures, and more! The Paleontology Portal

Why Earth Science?

Earth science encompasses an enormous amount of interdisciplinary cooperation. The short video below from the American Geological Institute serves as a quick introduction to Earth science. Watch the video below to learn more and click here for Earth & space...

Planet Patterns Activity and Key

Activity on solar system planets about density, distance, temperature, etc. Planet Patterns (.DOC) Planet Patterns Key (.PDF)

Investigating Climate Hot Spots with Google Earth

In this activity, students will use Google Earth to explore several locations where rapid climate change is occurring. They will: 1. Use Google Earth to explore 5 hotspots locations indicating recent changes in climate patterns. 2. Understand that climate change is...

Hydrofracking, Media, and Credibility

Hydrofracking, Media & Credibility is among many excellent educational resources from Project Look Sharp at Ithaca College. Scroll down to find videos, a teacher's guide, and more.  

Climate Change: How hot will it get in my lifetime?

How hot will it get in your lifetime? Find out with this interactive website from the Guardian (United Kingdom), which shows projections based on a UN report. Climate Change: How hot will it get in my lifetime?

Footprint Renovations Activity

In this activity, students watch a Green Ninja video and learn how to reduce their ecological footprints. Footprint Renovations Activity

Melting Ice, Sea Level, and Feedback Loops

There is scientific consensus that global climate is changing, and that our poles (both north and south) are warming. This warming is having an affect on all that snow and ice. In this activity, students will explore how one impact of climate change, melting ice,...

Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area

In this multi-part activity, students examine ancient coastlines with contour maps, analyze projected sea level rise, answer questions about a video, and investigate coastal risk. Bay Area Sea Level Rise (.DOC) Bathymetry worksheet (.PDF)