Carbon Cycle Student Worksheet

In this one-page worksheet, students identify how carbon flows through reservoirs and identify two human activities which affect the flow of carbon. Clicking the link will download a Word (.DOC) file. Carbon Cycle Student Worksheet

Climate Literacy Survey

This short multiple-choice questionnaire is useful for assessing students' knowledge. Clicking the link will download a Word (.DOC) file. Climate Literacy Survey

How Big is My Ecological Footprint?

This four-page document teaches the basics of ecological footprints and features a footprint score calculator. Clicking the link will download a PDF. How Big is My Ecological Footprint?

Sea Ice, Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

In these documents, teachers are given two examples of a similar activity. Think about how you can modify activities to make them more or less structured using these examples, and try them out in the classroom! Clicking the links will download the files. Sea Ice,...

Mapping Ancient Coastlines

Students draw the location of ancient coastlines onto a bathymetric contour map. Mapping Ancient Coastlines

What Do Concentrations Mean?

It doesn't necessarily take a large quantity of a substance to have a significant effect. Contaminants in water and greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are commonly measured in parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb). In this activity, students explore...

Tragedy of the Commons Game

This activity teaches students the concept of "the tragedy of the commons." Tragedy of the Commons article (.PDF)VideoFishing Game (.DOC)

The Traveling Nitrogen Game

Students play the role of nitrogen atoms travelling through the nitrogen cycle to gain understanding of the varied pathways through the cycle and the relevance of nitrogen to living things. Clicking the links below will download the files. Directions (.DOC)Dice Codes...

Topographic Maps and Symbols

This article and key from the USGS explains the functions of topographic maps, and the symbols found on them. Clicking the link will download a PowerPoint (.PPT) file. Topographic Maps and Symbols

Glossary of Climate Change Terms

This document from BAESI lists vocabulary for lessons on climate change. Clicking the link blow will download a Word (.doc) file. Glossary of Climate Change Terms

Stanford Climate Change Education

Stanford offers curriculum on climate change for middle school and high school students. The curriculum covers earth systems, greenhouse gases, energy cycles, impact and mitigation of climate change, scientific consensus, and mitigation strategies. Stanford Climate...

The Two-Minute Carbon Cycle

This video from NASA describes two carbon cycles, one slow and one fast, and what that implies for global climate change. More information about "The Two-Minute Carbon Cycle"

Sustainability, the Triple Bottom Line

An interview with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, one of Sweden's foremost cancer scientists and the founder of The Natural Step, a non profit organization founded with the vision of creating a sustainable society. The sustainability challenge is to design products or...

Keystone Science School

Keystone Science School offers professional development workshops for teachers in environmental and STEM topics. Keystone Science School Professional Development

NPR Climate Connections

Explore causes, solutions, signs, adaptations, profiles, and what to do about climate change in this yearlong investigation of its effects around the world. NPR Climate Connections