Sea Ice, Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

In these documents, teachers are given two examples of a similar activity. Think about how you can modify activities to make them more or less structured using these examples, and try them out in the classroom!

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Sea Ice, Glaciers, and Sea Level Rise lesson (.PDF)
Sea Ice, Glaciers, and Sea Level Rise – more structured (.DOC)
Sea Ice, Glaciers, and Sea Level Rise – less structured (.DOC)

What Do Concentrations Mean?

It doesn’t necessarily take a large quantity of a substance to have a significant effect. Contaminants in water and greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are commonly measured in parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb). In this activity, [students] will explore how many dilutions of a pure substance (food coloring) are needed to produce a 1 part per million concentration.

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What Do Concentrations Mean?

Sustainability, the Triple Bottom Line

An interview with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, one of Sweden’s foremost cancer scientists and the founder of The Natural Step, a non profit organization founded with the vision of creating a sustainable society. The sustainability challenge is to design products or services that will help people in the world, that people will like, that reduce the burden on Natural Systems, and that make money.