Are We Related? An Evolution Memory Game

In this activity, students explore incidents of homology in nature and analyze similarities and differences in body structures of animals.

Are We Related? Lesson plan (.PDF)
Are We Related? Student worksheet (.PDF)
Birds and T-rex: Evidence (.PDF)
Sharks and Rays: Evidence (.PDF)
Whales and Wolves: Evidence (.PDF)
Lobsters and Insects: Evidence

Examining Mass Extinctions on Earth

In this activity, students read several articles on specific ages of the Earth and the mass extinction events which concluded them. The articles discuss the time period, types of life present, and the causes and consequences of the mass extinction event. Students then identify important information and answer questions.

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Examining Mass Extinctions on Earth (.DOC)
Periods, Life, Tectonics, and Paleoclimates (.DOC)
Mass Extinctions (.DOC)